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Are you between the ages of 18 and 30? Has God placed a love for Israel and the Jewish people within your heart? Are you curious to find out why as a believer in the Jewish Messiah you should be interested in the nation of Israel? Would you like to acquaint young adults in your area with the ‘root’ of their faith?
Contact the Australian Office on 07 5476 4244
Or contact Daniel Abel 0420314326, email
EASTERFEST - April 22nd -24th
It was Arise Australia's pleasure to once again make our yearly pilgramage to the great city of Toowoomba for this years Easterfest!! This years festival started off like any other, but after only a few hours, it was clear to us that a massive change had occurred since last years festival!! In previous years most people had not even heard of ICEJ and what we stand for, this year was an exception and the people were pleased to see us there again and in some cases they welcomed us with applause and shouts of excitement!! We also noticed that people's knowledge in regard to Israel in God's plan, the Biblical Feasts and even recognising basic judaica such as prayer shawls and shofar's had increased on previous years!! A lot of people made the comment that their church had been teaching on certain Hebraic Roots concepts or topics, and that was exciting to learn!!  So where once we had to explain and even defend, this year we could go a little deeper!!

Flooded Out!
Unfortunately, this years festival was cut short on the Saturday evening due to flash flooding, the Big Top that housed the stalls including ours ripped and collapsed, thankfully no one was hurt.  None of our stock was lost either, thanks to Kelinda who did an amazing job in securing it all in the face of the danger.

Again we had a fantastic team of volunteers who met the challenges with hard work and dedication which made working alongside them a pleasure.  We could not take part in the festival without them, and they have my thanks! I would like to make a special mention of our Rockhampton representative Annette Mkoka and Katrina Ward from Brisbane.
See You at the ICEJ National Conference
Arise will be well represented at this years Hebrew Roots School in July. It looks to be another fantastic, challenging, melting pot of teaching and fun and we look forward to sharing it with you.
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'Grafted Australia in Brisbane 2010' 

Grafted Australia 2010
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