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CBN: '700 Club' Interview

Fallout from the UN push for Palestinian Statehood

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Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director
October 3, 2011

The ICEJ's US Director, Susan Michael discusses the diplomatic showdown over Palestinian statehood at the UN with CBN Founder Pat Robertson on the '700 Club'. She also addresses how Christians should pray for Israel and combat the campaign of delegitimization in a speech to the CBN staff at at week-long series of special live broadcast 'chapel' meetings at their headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA.

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Combat the delegitimization of Israel. 
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Palestinian Statehood

The Palestinians want the UN to endorse their bid to declare a Jew-free state throughout Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem, avoiding the need to negotiate a peace deal with Israel...
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Issue Briefs

Unilateral Palestinian Statehood Declaration (pdf) »
Legality of Palestinian Claim to Statehood (pdf) »

Delegitimizing Israel

Israel is currently facing an unprecedented campaign of delegitimization and Christians need to know how to respond....
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