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Impacting Israeli youth through special education projects

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Over the decades of our ministry here in the land, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has been privileged to touch and change the lives of thousands of Israeli children who otherwise would have had little hope of success. Many of these children in need of help in their education are from poorer Jewish immigrant families, including Latin America and Ethiopia. In addition, we have assisted schools in the Arab, Druze and Bedouin sectors in Israel, as well as a school run by Messianic Jews in Jerusalem, just to name a few examples.

One of the most successful educational projects ever undertaken by the ICEJ is the “Touching the Horizon” mentoring program, which assists youths from underprivileged families by offering after-school activities and trained mentors who help at-risk teens through the last difficult years of high school – when many might otherwise drop out and turn to drugs or crime. The counselling and follow-up continues even into their years of army service.

The ICEJ funded the pilot project for Touching the Horizon and it has proven so successful that Israel’s Ministry of Education has adopted it for nationwide implementation. The Ministry will be paying two-thirds of the costs of expanding the program to 30 schools, and the ICEJ has committed to covering the remaining one-third. We are excited about the hundreds of young lives that will be turned completely around by this initiative.

Please consider partnering with us as we help Israeli youngsters grow into adults with their minds filled with knowledge and wonder and their career goals within reach.

Give today to ICEJ AID for our special education programs for Israeli children.


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