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Forest of Life

A testimony of love for Holocaust survivors

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ICEJ Forest of Life

The ICEJ is planting the Forest of Life in Jerusalem as a lasting tribute to the many Holocaust survivors living in Israel today. There are close to 200,000 survivors still alive in Israel, and a recent report indicates that one-fourth of them are living below the poverty line. Many survivors have multiple health problems and face huge medical bills, or they struggle greatly with loneliness and depression. In response, the Christian Embassy has established the first and only assisted-living home in Israel solely dedicated to serving Holocaust survivors in dire need.

Today, our Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors provides 70 residents with housing, meals and full-time care in what the Israeli media has called a “community of hope”. Be a part of this amazing witness of Christian love by donating today to the needs of Holocaust survivors! For your gift of $500, the ICEJ will plant an olive tree in honor of the Holocaust survivors in the new Forest of Life in Jerusalem.


You can help provide care for courageous Holocaust survivors in need in Israel and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem will plant an olive tree to renew the Jerusalem forest in their honor in our new “Forest of Life”.  

Please support this urgent and worthy humanitarian project:


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