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Serving Israel & the Church from Jerusalem

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ICEJ Staff

Originating from more than a dozen different nations and speaking as many languages, ICEJ staff members represent a varied cross-section of educational, family and cultural backgrounds. All are united, however, with a single purpose to see the Kingdom of God manifest in the world in these days, and to follow the biblical injunction of Isaiah 40 to comfort God's people Israel.

Key Leaders:


ICEJ Speaker: Dr. Juergen Buehler

Dr. Jürgen Bühler, President

Jürgen Bühler is an ordained minister of the German Pentecostal Federation whose grasp of biblical theology and unique insight into issues relating to Israel, the church and the nations have placed him in great demand as a speaker all over the world.
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Rev. Mojmir Kallus, ICEJ Vide President

Rev. Mojmir Kallus, Vice President – International Affairs

Mojmir has been the national director of ICEJ-Czech Republic since he founded the branch in 1994, and in recent years, has served as a member of the ICEJ’s international Board of Trustees. 
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ICEJ: David Parsons

Rev. David Parsons, Vice President – Senior International Spokesman

David Parsons is an attorney, writer and Middle East specialist. Writing and editng for both ICEJ publications and broadcasts Israeli publications, David is a sought after speaker both in Israel and abroad.
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ICEJ Speaker: Rev. Malcolm Hedding

Rev. Malcolm Hedding, International Spokesman

Malcolm Hedding is an acclaimed international speaker on Israel and the Church in these crucial and challenging times. He travels extensively, bringing a unique understanding of the Word of God to the Body of Christ across the world.
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