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The ICEJ is committed to educating the Church worldwide about Israel, and to making sure that Christians are receiving the truth about what happens in the Middle East.

View our flagship magazine, Word from Jerusalem, or sign up for additional news, commentary and teaching resources from Israel, including audio devotions and podcasts. Discover more about our historic partnership with The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition or sign up for the newsletters of our Grafted young adults ministry.

Word From Jerusalem Magazine

Word from Jerusalem

Our free flagship monthly magazine features articles about ICEJ aid projects, special events and advocacy campaigns. In-depth Bible teaching, news commentary and special reports offer unparalleled insight into modern-day Israel's unique call, her struggle, her achievements and history.
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Email News & Devotions

Email Updates

News and project updates featuring event notifications, prayer points, audio teachings and devotional messages designed to deepen your walk with the Lord, your understanding of Israel and your connection with Jerusalem.

ICEJ Daily News Bulletin

ICEJ News Service

Compiled by journalists in our Jerusalem headquarters, ICEJ News is simply the best and most reliable way to stay updated on current events in Israel and the Middle East. Sent by e-mail each working day, our free news service has a 12-year track record of providing timely, balanced updates on the latest developments in the region.
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Grafted: ICEJ Young Adults

AriseNow: ICEJ Next Generation Newsletter

Published quarterly in Jerusalem, the AriseNow Newsletter is the best way for youth pastors and young adults to stay connected with Israel. Filled with devotional insights, outreach opportunities and tour info, it is an invaluable free resource for those who want to learn more about God's purposes for this generation.



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