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July/August 2021 - Why Support Israel? Ten reasons to stand with the restored Jewish Nation


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May/June 2021 - Israel Still Young at 73?

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Elijah is the one of the most prominent prophets to minister in Israel, but what was the secret behind his power and ministry? In Elijah, we meet a man who took his stand before God, who carried out his ministry out of the presence of God. Today we live in a time where we too will need to make a stand before God. We have an opportunity to stand up for Israel at a time where the ICC has initiated its unjust war crimes probe against Israel. Join your voice with thousands of Christians by signing our petition at: The Abraham Accords continues to bear fruit and the people-to-people contacts is a promising facet. ICEJ AID recently drove across Israel delivering Pesach packages to help needy Israelis celebrate Passover, while top Israeli Chefs participated in project: “Pesach with Dignity”, cooking gourmet meals for 1000 Holocaust survivors. To commemorate Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day, a moving ceremony was held at Yad Vashem and at the Haifa home for Holocaust survivors.

March/April 2021 - A New Surge of Aliyah

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We are seeing a new surge in Aliyah triggered by several factors, including the Corona threat and Israel’s effective response to it, and the rise in antisemitism. See how our Haifa home and International branches commemorated 76 years of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau with special ceremonies on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

We can navigate the stormy trials of life by looking at Habakkuk. Seeing how Habakkuk too encountered a crisis and how he changed his perception from asking, to hearing from God. His prayer watchtower becomes a lighthouse of guidance for others. Hear how our Envision conference inspired Pastors and Leaders from around the globe on Leading in times of crisis. Discover the possible impact that the new Biden administration may have on the Middle East and understand the ICEJ’s view of opposing the ICC’s decision of a war-crimes probe against Israel. Finally, join our preparations in helping the Jewish people keep the important festival of Passover amid the Pandemic.

January/February 2021 - Time to Rescue the Ethiopian Remnant

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This magazine looks ahead to the new year and how we can meet the challenges of 2021 by trusting in God to always be there for us no matter what surprises and setbacks life may bring. Read an inspiring Bible teaching on “Expect the Unexpected” from ICEJ President Dr Jürgen Bühler. Plus, there are recent reports on our ministry activities in Israel and abroad, including a special Aliyah report on the urgent airlift of 2000 Ethiopian Jews now underway, with support from the ICEJ. Now is the time to help rescue the last remnant of Ethiopian Jewry.

We also cover the way Israel and the Middle East responded after the media declared Joe Biden the winner of the US presidential elections in November 2020, even though that decree may have been premature. And we have a special feature on all the biblical archaeological finds in Israel over the past year which are awaiting the return of Christian tourists once the airlines are allowed to open up the skies once again post-Corona.


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