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Attacks From Gaza Raise Tensions in Southern Israel

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19 Aug 2019
Attacks From Gaza Raise Tensions in Southern Israel
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters as he boarded his aircraft for a flight to Kiev on Sunday evening that political considerations would not affect a decision on how strongly he would order the IDF to respond to a recent escalation in terror attacks against Israelis emanating from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. "I've heard statements saying that I would refrain from embarking on a broad campaign because of the elections," he said. "This is not true. My considerations are case-relevant. If it is necessary, we will go into broad action - with or without elections- we will do what is necessary for the safety of Israel."

His statement followed a violent weekend on the Gaza border which also included a terrorist car-ramming attack on Israeli teenagers near Jerusalem.

Attacks included the launching of several rockets towards Israel over the weekend, with most being intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system. On Saturday night, three terrorists were killed as they attempted to infiltrate into Israel from the Strip armed with weapons. This followed a terrorist ramming attack on Friday which targeted two Israeli teenagers, a brother and sister from the Elazar settlement in the Etzion bloc south of Jerusalem. A nearby police officer shot the driver of the ramming car dead at the scene and at press time the two victims were in stable condition at a Jerusalem hospital.

Here is a video released by the IDF showing the infiltration attempt on the Gaza Border

Israel Blesses the World
Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovote recently partnered with Israel’s Space Agency to develop a new satellite scheduled to be launched into space in 2023 and carrying special equipment designed to operate in ultraviolet light. “This unique configuration will help us answer some of the big questions in astrophysics,” said ULTRASAT principle investigator Prof. Eli Waxman of the Weizmann Institute.

Here is a video about other ways Israel is blessing the world

Knesset Campus Set to Expand
A plan to expand the campus of the Knesset, Israel’s national parliament, received approval on Sunday by the Jerusalem Municipality. The new campus will, when completed, nearly double the floor space of the existing campus and include new offices for a variety of government ministries as well as legislative committee rooms and dining facilities for new staff.

Bonamassa Set to Perform in Tel Aviv
Legendary American Blues musician Joe Bonamassa dealt the latest blow to the movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel by scheduling a concert in Tel Aviv for 22 August. “It was one of those things where I thought nobody even knew who we were in Israel, but there is always such a great, loving audience,” he told the Jerusalem Post this week. “It’s really worth making the trek every three or four years. It’s a great music town with a lot of amazing musicians. And they appreciate the roots of blues rock.”

Today's video shows some fun things to do on your next visit to Israel


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