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Experts from Around the World Learn from Israel

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21 Aug 2019
Experts from Around the World Learn from Israel
The NGO “Our Soldier’s Speak” hosted a delegation of military officers  this week from the US Army’s Special Operations Command, military intelligence and Coast Guard as well as Congressional staffers, officers from the Swiss military and UN legal experts. The delegates will visit the Knesset, Supreme Court and various other important sites, while receiving briefings on Israel’s security situation, diplomatic and legal efforts as well as the history and culture of the country. In related news, the IDF announced on Tuesday that it’s elite Shayetet 13 navy commandos had wrapped up Exercise Noble Rose 2019, a series of joint exercises with their counterparts from the US Army Special Forces command which had run for several days. The drills gave troops from both countries opportunities to practice various procedures for taking back a ship at sea after it had been hijacked by terrorists, as well as rescuing hostages in hostile territory and other scenarios requiring special military skills.
“In recent years, the Israel Navy has dealt with varying threats that require training for complex scenarios that prepare it to deal with changing and unpredictable situations,” the IDF said. “Cooperation with foreign militaries, and specifically with the US Armed Forces, bringing about mutual learning and the strengthening of professional relationships that enhance both militaries’ readiness. The Nobel Rose Exercise 2019 is another testament to the deep cooperation between the IDF and the US Army at both the troop and command level.”

Israel Blesses the World
Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement on Wednesday regarding a delegation it sent to the African country of Chad earlier this month. The statement gave details of meetings the Israeli delegation had with their Chadian counterparts designed to facilitate the transfer of Israeli-developed technology and techniques in fields such as agriculture, water management and education. Advisory meetings were also held with officials from the ministries of Economy, Finance, Energy and Mines, as well as local business leaders, with participation by representatives from the World Bank and the US Embassy in Chad.

Pompeo Calls Out Iran in UNSC Meeting
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the UN Security Council session on Middle East peace and security challenges Tuesday, calling out the Iranian regime and its proxies around the region for  fomenting “terror and unrest” in conflicts in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen “with devastating humanitarian consequences.” Iran’s UN Ambassador Majid Takht Ravanchi said during his own remarks to the Security Council that the US is destabilizing the Middle East by deploying forces there and sending an “unbridled flow of American weaponry” to Iran’s regional enemies.

Here is the video of Pompeo’s remarks

Report: Israel Striking Iranian Targets in Iraq
A report was published Wednesday in the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper saying that Israel has struck Iranian-backed militias and military bases in Iraq three times in recent weeks with the knowledge and approval of both the US and Russia. The report follows several statements by Israeli officials broadly hinting that the Jewish State is ready to expand its campaign against Iran to other theaters following hundreds of such strikes against Iranian targets in Syria over recent years.

Today’s video is about making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land


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