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Hezbollah Copying Hamas Terror Tactics

Hamas Threatens Escelation

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20 Aug 2019
Hezbollah Copying Hamas Terror Tactics
The Iranian-backed Lebanese Shi’ite terror militia Hezbollah copied the tactics used by Gaza-based terror groups last Friday, setting fires in dry brush near the Lebanese-Israel border near the community of Margaliot, which quickly spread into Israeli territory. Video of the fires showed on Israeli TV show UN personnel passively watching the Hezbollah operatives set the fires without attempting to interfere.

"Everyone knows that the Lebanese side conducts these provocations and this fire is surely caused by them and not be chance," said Yoram Mahlof, CEO of the Mevo'ot Ha'Hermon regional council. This is not some innocent shepherd. They study us. They want to learn and we are prepared and ready. We know exactly what they want."

Meanwhile, on Israel’s southern border, Hamas spokesman Abdel Latif Knaum issued a statement Tuesday morning in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement the day before that he was prepared to order the IDF to strike Hamas hard in the event of further escalation by saying, "Netanyahu's threats to embark on a military campaign in the Gaza Strip are empty. They come as part of the election campaign and for internal propaganda needs. The blows he suffered from the resistance during his long tenure as prime minister, including the recurring wars in the Gaza Strip, made his soldiers prisoners, dead or wounded. The same resistance is stronger today than ever before and capable of thwarting his new goals."

In recent days, several rocket and terror attacks emanating out of the Strip have been accompanied by demands by Hamas that cash grants from Qatar be delivered to it. Other terror groups based in the Strip have echoed these demands, usually adding some of their own in exchange for a cooling of tensions.

Back in Israel, demonstrators gathered in front of the IDF's Kirya Military Headquarters base in Tel Aviv on Monday to demand strong action be taken against terror militias in the Strip.

Here is a video about the ongoing battle between Israel and Palestinian terror groups


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