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Iran Sends Mixed Signals on Readiness for Conflict

Analysts Weigh in With Risks and Highlights

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19 Jun 2019
Iran Sends Mixed Signals on Readiness for Conflict
One senior Iranian official told official news agencies in the Islamic Republic on Wednesday that there was no serious risk of a war with the United States in the near future while another warned that if the European countries don’t find a way to allow Iran to skirt US sanctions it will begin enriching uranium to a higher level sometime next month. "Iran's two-month deadline to remaining signatories of the JCPOA (nuclear deal) cannot be extended, and the second phase will be implemented exactly as planned," a spokesman for Iran's Atomic Energy Organization told the Tasnim news agency Wednesday morning.

In related news, US Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, the vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, told reporters this week that the Pentagon expects other military powers, particularly in Asia, where the bulk of oil exports from the Persian Gulf go, to assist in operations to secure sea lanes in the event of an Iranian attempt to disrupt them.

“We have maintained across the sea lanes of the world a position of defending freedom of navigation,” Selva said. “Specifically, in the Strait of Hormuz and the [Arabian] Gulf, we’ve taken on an international responsibility of ensuring freedom of navigation and the movement of oil in and out of the Gulf. That doesn’t mean it’s a US-only problem. If we take this on as a U.S.-only responsibility, nations that benefit from that movement of oil through the Persian Gulf are bearing little or no responsibility for the economic benefit they gain from the movement of that oil.”

“What was true in the 1980s, is not true today,” he added. “We are not wholly dependent on the movement of Saudi, Kuwaiti Qatari andEmirati oil in and out of the Gulf to sustain our economy, so the the idea that we would project that method of defending freedom of navigation into 2019 is probably ill-advised. I think there is a military role in defending freedom of navigation. The question will be to what extent the international community is behind that effort."

Here are some videos giving some further insights into the current situation regarding Iran



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