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Israel’s Ethiopian Community Protests Police Shooting

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2 Jul 2019
Israel’s Ethiopian Community Protests Police Shooting
18-year-old Solomon Tekah, an Ethiopian Jew, was killed by an off-duty police officer Sunday evening under disputed circumstances in the Haifa satellite community of Kiryat Haim. The shooting, which follows a similar incident in January, has led to widespread street protests in many communities around the country. It also comes against a backdrop of a government decision to halt Aliyah flights to Israel from Ethiopia at least until the formation of a new government following the elections scheduled for 17 September.

Archeologists Uncover Biblical-Era Dye Workshops
Archeologists studying the Tel Shikmona site south of Haifa announced this week that they have identified relics first  found in the 1960s which they believe point to a Biblical-Era workshop used to dye clothes with enzymes harvested from Murex sea snails which populated the waters off the region in large numbers in the late Iron Age. “To date, no center for the production of purple has been found in Iron Age Phoenicia,” the archeologists told the Jewish Press news portal, adding that the dye would have been used in producing the clothing of the High Priest and other ornaments used in the Temple.

Israeli-Arab Financier Appointed Manager of Bank Leumi
In a defeat for the narrative that Israel is an “apartheid State” where Arab citizens are denied equal opportunities, Dr. Samer Haj Yehia, who has already held many senior positions at some of Israel’s most revered institutions, was appointed this week as chairman of the board of Bank Leumi, Israel’s oldest banking corporation. “I bless Dr. Samer Haj Yehia’s appointment to chairman of Bank Leumi and wish him great success in his position!” Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted.

Labor Primaries Held Amidst Existential Crisis
Israel’s Labor Party held yet another leadership primary election on Tuesday, with several candidates vying for the top spot even as some analysts have begun to openly wonder if the Party which dominated the country from the formative pre-State phase till the 1977 general elections might not even pass the electoral threshold in the elections scheduled for 17 September. "Labor will return to being a wide political home for all the citizens of Israel," insisted veteran MK Amir Peretz as he and his wife voted in a polling station near their home in Sderote.

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