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Israel on Alert Following Weekend Terror Attacks

Iranian supplied Rockets Target Tel Aviv

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Posted on: 
18 Mar 2019
Israel on Alert Following Weekend Terror Attacks
Israeli security forces were on high alert Monday following a weekend which saw rockets fired at Tel Aviv and the southern Negev by terror militias in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip as well as a stabbing and shooting attack near the West Bank community of Ariel. There were no casualties from the rocket attacks, which Hamas officials claimed were a “mistake” but two Israelis, 47-year-old Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger and 19-year-old IDF soldier Gal Keidan, died in the attack at a road junction near Ariel. The attack near Ariel began when a Palestinian man identified by security forces as Omar Abu Lila stabbed Keidan and stole his weapon, using it to fire on nearby vehicles including one in which Ettinger was riding in. Although wounded, Ettinger managed to return fire on Abu Lila with his pistol, a move which his son-in-law Zeev Goldstein said probably prevented a more severe attack.

However, Abu Lila managed to steal a vehicle and drive to the nearby Gitai Avishar junction where he shot and wounded another Israeli civilian, identified by media outlets as Alexander Dvorsky, who recently immigrated to Israel from Moldova.

At press time, he was still at large and the subject of a manhunt by Israeli security services.

The attack came hours after IDF aircraft struck over 100 terror-related sites in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for a barrage of rockets from the Strip, beginning with a pair of Iranian-supplied medium-range rockets fired at Tel Aviv, the first such attack on the coastal metropolis since 2014. The Islamist terror militia Hamas which rules the Strip later told Israel through Egyptian intermediaries that the firings were a “mistake” but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement Sunday saying that “Hamas bears the responsibility for all attacks from the Gaza Strip, whether the firing is intentional or in error. The IDF hit them hard, if necessary, we will intensify those attacks as is needed, in order to continue to ensure quiet for Israel’s citizens.”

Here is a video about Hamas' activities in the Strip

Here is a video which shows the recent attacks on Israel from Gaza


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