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Israel's Election Results Show Political Tie

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18 Sep 2019
Israel's Election Results Show Political Tie
Unofficial results from the election held in Israel on Tuesday began to be posted after the polls closed at 10 PM and by the early afternoon on Wednesday more official results were posted, including a projection that the Likud Party of incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had received 31 mandates for the 22nd Knesset while the Blue and White Party led by Benny Gantz had received 32. However, the results also showed that neither the Center-Right bloc led by Netanyahu or the Center-Left bloc led by Gantz had received enough support to form a governing coalition, leading to the possibility that the Joint (Arab) List Party, which is traditionally non-aligned and which received between 13-15 seats, might end up with a prominent position in the next government or leading the parliamentary opposition.

Here is a video posted on the eve of elections which gives some analysis of the relevant issues

Aliyah from Russia Increases
An increasingly authoritarian regime in Russia, accompanied by an extended economic downturn and a surge in violent crime has fueled a surge in Jewish emigration (Aliyah) to Israel, according to a recent report from the JTA. The number of Jews immigrating to Israel from Russia since 2015 is greater than in the 2005-2015 period, according to the Israeli government, which projects that over 15,000 will arrive by the end of 2019.

Strikes Reported on Iranian-backed Forces in Syria
Reports out of Syria Monday evening indicated that a strike by unidentified aircraft on a position occupied by pro-Iranian militias in Albukamal, near the Iraqi border, had killed at least 10 gunmen and wounded several others. The site, operated by the Iranian-backed “Popular Mobilization Forces” was known to be used to stockpile ammunition and other supplies. Some opposition groups claimed the strikes were carried out by Israel while the Assad regime denied that any strikes had occurred.

Sporting Success Gives Israelis Something to Cheer About
Israeli sports fans were given yet another reason to celebrate this week as rhythmic gymnast Linoy Ashram won two gold and two silver medals at the World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan. In other sports news, Israel’s national gridiron football team departed on Tuesday evening for a match against Turkey in the Black Sea resort city of Samsun. The game, to be played on Thursday, is the opener of the Group B European Championship Qualification competition.

American Football in Israel President Steve Leibowitz said “The competition symbolizes a breakthrough in the organization, unification and expansion of American Football in Europe…we are still at the beginning of a long road, but I believe that when the campaign is over we will have a considerably higher ranking than the current 21.”

Today’s video shows some of the preparation Israelis receive for their military service


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