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Protests Turn Violent Across Israel

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3 Jul 2019
Protests Turn Violent Across Israel
Protests against the shooting of an 18-year old Ethiopian-Israeli man by an off-duty police officer on Sunday turned violent Tuesday afternoon, with 80 people, including 47 police officers, injured and 136 people being arrested. Public Security Gilad Erdan warned against further demonstrations saying that on Wednesday "there won't be any." He added that Israel will "fight for the rights of protesters to protest," but "will not tolerate anarchy…if the level of violence will be as it was yesterday, we will have to use any means necessary to disperse the riots."

"Blocking roads is an illegal act according to Israeli law," The Israeli Police Spokesperson's Unit added in a statement on Wednesday. "While we attempt to contain and exhibit restraint towards the protesters in order to allow them to express their voices, the police will not allow further blocking of main roads in a way that would harm the rest of the  public."
President Reuven Rivlin and other public figures urged the protesters to desist, saying they had made their point and further demonstrations would only inflame the situation without bringing a solution any closer. However, further demonstrations were planned for Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, another group, consisting of approximately 3,000 Ultra-Orthodox (haredi) yeshiva students, held a demonstration to protest against plans to draft them into military service, blocking the main entrance to Jerusalem for several hours on Tuesday afternoon.

Netanyahu Guest of Honor at Independence Day Celebration
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara were honored guests at Independence Day celebrations Tuesday evening at the US Embassy in Jerusalem. During his remarks he heaped praise on the Administration of US President Donald Trump while also taking the opportunity to warn Iran against proceeding with its support for regional terrorism and its renegade nuclear program. US Ambassador David Friedman hosted the event which was also attended by members of the US Senate and House of Representatives from both major parties, as well as diplomats from several other countries and prominent members of Israel’s political and social scenes.

Here is a video from the reception

Iran Warned Against Violating JCPOA Deal
Following Iran’s willful violation of the terms of the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal earlier this week, European signatories issued a joint statement of “extreme concern” while Israeli officials frankly declared that they were preparing for the possibility of open military conflict between Iran and the US, even as Iranian officials issued statements of intent to destroy Israel if it is attacked by the US or anyone else. "It should be taken into account that mistaken calculations by the (Iranian) regime ... are liable to bring about a shift from the 'gray zone' to the 'red zone' - that is, a military conflagration," Foreign Minister Israel Katz said in a speech to the Herzliya Conference Tuesday evening.

Musicians Explicitly Rebuke BDS Movement
The movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction suffered more defeats this week. On Tuesday evening, US-based musical group Disturbed gave a concert in Rishon Lezion’s Live Park Tuesday night replete with pro-Israel messages and explicit rejections of the BDS movement, capped by vocalist David Draiman’s rendition of Israel’s national anthem “Hatikva” towards the end of the program. Meanwhile, Brazilian superstar Milton Nascimento issued a statement sharply rebuking efforts to get him to cancel a concert he is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

"I will never abandon my public," he said, according to the Portuguese Rolling Stones. “Every artist should go where the people are, shouldn’t they? Even if I disagree with the ideas of a government, I will never abandon my audience.”

Peretz Victorious in Labor Primary
Veteran MK Amir Peretz emerged as the victor of Tuesday’s primary elections for leadership of the Labor Party. According to official results announced Tuesday evening at Tel Aviv University, only 46% of Israel’s 65,000 registered Labor Party members cast a ballot in the polls, the lowest turnout in the Party’s history. "This is a very exciting evening for me and I feel the weight of my responsibility," Peretz said. "This evening should bring hope to the hearts of all peace-loving citizens...tomorrow we will take all necessary actions to unite the party and turn it into a political home for every Israeli.”

Hamas Launches Several Rockets into the Sea
Wednesday morning saw the Islamist terror militia Hamas launching several rockets into the Mediterranean Sea, triggering alarms in some border communities. IDF units stationed in the area were monitoring the situation closely.


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