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Study Blames Galilee Earthquakes on Water Extraction

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20 Aug 2019
Study Blames Galilee Earthquakes on Water Extraction
Researchers from the Geological Survey of Israel and the universities of California and Miami published an article this week in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters assessing that a recent uptick in seismic activity in and around Israel’s Sea of Galilee were caused by large-scale groundwater extraction, while also predicting that a large-scale earthquake is likely to occur in the foreseeable future. “The geological history of the fault combined with the close proximity to populated areas suggest that future pumping in the region should be closely monitored," the study concluded.

Netanyahu Gives Iran a Warning in Ukraine
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Ukraine on Monday included a trip to Babi Yar, the site of a massacre of Jews by the Nazis and their Ukrainian collaborators during WWII. Speaking at the site, Netanyahu said, in a speech that many analysts said was partially directed at Iran, that it is a “constant duty (of Israel’s) to stand against murderous ideologies in order to ensure that there will never be another Babi Yar. For humanity, Babi Yar is a warning sign. For Jews, it is an eternal imperative – we will always defend ourselves, by ourselves, against any enemy.”

During Netanyahu’s visit to the presidential palace in Kiev earlier in the day, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that his government will soon open a hi-tech and investment office in Jerusalem, following the example of other mid-level powers, while also strengthening security and defense ties between the two countries.

Turkish Ground Incursion Into Syria Rebuffed
A Turkish ground incursion into the northwest Syrian province of Idlib was met with airstrikes by forces loyal to the Assad regime on Monday, leading to the withdrawal of the Turkish convoy and a sharp exchange of rhetoric between Turkish and Assad regime officials. Russia, the regime’s main patron and ally, was also rebuked by Turkey for allowing the situation to escalate despite having been told in advance that the convoy was on its way to re-supply Turkish troops already operating against jihadist groups in the province.

Meanwhile, heavy fighting was ongoing Tuesday between regime forces and jihadist groups in the city of Khan Sheikhun, a large metropolitan area in Idlib which the regime lost control of in 2014 amidst the long-running civil war in Syria.

Israeli Athlete Brings Home Gold from Minsk
Israeli rhythmic gymnast Linoy Ashram collected four medals, including one gold a silver and two bronzes at the World Challenge Cup in Minsk, Belarus from 16-18 August. The performance puts her in excellent position heading into the 2019 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships, which will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 16-22 September and the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

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