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US Officials Weighing Response to Attacks on Saudi Arabia

Analysts Weigh in With Risks and Highlights

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Posted on: 
18 Sep 2019
US Officials Weighing Response to Attacks on Saudi Arabia
US Vice President Mike Pence addressed the Heritage Foundation think tank in Washington on Tuesday, saying among other things that the U.S. military is "ready to defend" Washington’s allies and their interests in an obvious reference to the mounting tensions between Iran and US-ally Saudi Arabia. “As the president said yesterday, it’s ‘certainly looking like’ Iran was behind these attacks,” Pence said. “And our intelligence community at this very hour is working diligently to review the evidence.”

"Iran's strategic policy is to reduce tensions... through dialog, but the country is fully prepared to surprise aggressors through a crushing and comprehensive answer to possible evil actions," the Etemad daily newspaper quoted Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani as saying.

Meanwhile, Congressional allies of US President Donald Trump in the US were urging caution on Wednesday, saying that more discussion and analysis are needed before deciding on a response to the attacks on Saudi Arabia.

“I think its appropriate that all of us get together and exchange ideas, respectfully, and come to a consensus―and that should be bipartisan,” said Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jim Risch, R-Idaho. “I can tell you I’m sure there will be differing views; there always are on matters like this with complex options.”

These sentiments were echoed by many other members of Congress from both parties.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to land in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to discuss the situation, while governments around the world weigh their own options in response to the crisis which has caused a sharp spike in energy costs. However, Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman issued a statement on Tuesday that at least half of the production capacity that was lost in the immediate aftermath of the attack had already been restored, leading to a rebound in market confidence and a drop in prices.

Here are some videos giving some analysis of the situation


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