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All Alone at the Wall

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14 Jan 2019
All Alone at the Wall

“When I was in the children’s home, I had nowhere to visit on Shabbat. Sometimes I would go to my sister, but it wasn’t always pleasant for me to be there and to be a burden on her with her own children and husband. So, on Shabbat I would travel to the Kotel (Western Wall) – not only to pray, but also because I knew that I could remain awake all night without people thinking that it isn’t normal, and people didn’t bother me.” These are the words of a young girl sharing her reality of being homeless in Israel.

Galit and her two sisters grew up with a mother who was mentally ill and a father who abandoned them, and the sisters ended up in a children’s home. When Galit finished her time at the children’s home, she left her belongings at her older sister’s house who was by this time married with children of her own. With her youngest sister still in the children’s home, Galit worked night shifts in a hostel for children with intellectual disabilities, so she could sleep at the hostel during the day. This was her home until she began her national service which provided an apartment for her during her time of service.

As Galit was leaving the national service and getting ready to go to college, the ICEJ gave her a scholarship to help her succeed in her studies. She was also assigned a mentor to visit her and show Galit that she is not alone.


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