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Blessing a future generation

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3 Jan 2022
Blessing a future generation

Is there a sound more enjoyable than that of happy children playing together?

Their excitement was ecstatic as loud laughter burst forth from their little mouths. Today, Israeli children at a daycare in the Galilee would be playing in a new playground!

At the dedication ceremony, Nicole Yoder, ICEJ’s Vice President of AID and Aliyah, was almost bowled over by the energetic youngsters ready to storm the new playground.

The daycare is a unique learning center for children of local Israeli believers in the city of Tiberias which was sorely lacking a modern, inviting outdoor recreational facility.

As Nicole chatted with the pastor of the fellowship which runs the learning center, she heard how it has a long history connected to Finland. Some of the children playing there are fifth-generation descendants of Kaarlo Syväntö, a Finnish Christian who came to Israel in 1946 with a great calling and vision to help the Jewish people. He and one of his sons lived in the very building which currently houses the daycare center.


Amazingly, the upgrade of the children’s play area with colorful new playground equipment was made possible through generous support from our faithful Christian donors in Finland.

“We want to thank your donors for being an ongoing part of history”, remarked Pastor Daniel Yahav at the dedication. “The vision that was started back then is continuing today. We all have the privilege of joining in and continuing this chain of saints and donors and prayer supporters over so many years. So, a big thank you on behalf of all these kids who will continue by God’s grace to enjoy this place.”

“This is very exciting, and we are very glad to be a part of it”, responded Nicole as she watched the children scramble up the jungle gym and race down their new slides. “It is wonderful to be able to walk with you and be a blessing to your community.”

Thanks to your support, the Christian Embassy is able to carry out this and many other Aid projects which give a hope and a future to Israeli communities. Please continue to give towards the work of the ICEJ by donating to our “Future and Hope” fund.



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