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Bringing Comfort to Israel

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7 Jan 2022
Bringing Comfort to Israel

As we take our first steps into this new year of 2022, we want to remember the Lord’s goodness toward us over the past year and, with expectancy, trust in His faithfulness for this year ahead, as we continue to walk in the mandate given to the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in 1980!

The ICEJ’s founding mandate is based on Isaiah 40:1-2 “Comfort ye, comfort ye My People” “Speak comfort to Jerusalem and cry out to her, that her warfare has ended....”

For over forty years the ICEJ has embarked upon this journey of giving comfort to Israel. This journey has involved deeds of compassion, and every town, village and city has been impacted in some way by our benevolence ministry in helping the poor, encouraging children, caring for the elderly, and assisting Jews to return to their biblical Homeland.

Our ministry currently is focused on four main spheres of practical aid and comfort. Together with your support during 2021, we were able to impact the most needy and vulnerable in Israeli society.

Here is a summary of the ICEJ’s many AID projects which show how you helped make a difference in Israel in our four main areas of work:

Israel in Crisis

During March, the ICEJ carried out the largest-ever Passover holiday distribution to the poor and disadvantaged Jewish families who were hard hit by the Corona crisis, while delivering Easter gift baskets to Arab Christians throughout the land.

In May, Israel found herself under severe rocket attacks from Gaza and the ICEJ was able to spring into action by immediately ordering 15 new portable bomb shelters, delivering protective vests and fire-fighting suits to first responders in the front-line border towns.

With the “cease-fire” remaining fragile on the southern border with Gaza, and an additional threat on the northern border with Lebanon ever lurking, the ICEJ continued to purchase bomb shelters throughout the year, for placement in vulnerable communities near the borders. An additional 36 portable shelters were purchased while other underground shelters saw renovations made to them.

Giving a Future and a Hope

Our “Giving a Future and a Hope” program strengthens Israeli families, provides education and economic empowerment, cares for children and youths-at-risk, and extends to Arab/Jewish coexistence efforts throughout Israel. Throughout last year, we were overjoyed to see many lives impacted through this program. You can read the encouraging personal stories of lives transformed in the following articles:

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Aliyah and Integration

We are bringing the Jews home and helping them to settle in their Land.

Despite corona travel bans, the ICEJ started out the year by bringing hundreds of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, including one young Ethiopian boy who received life-saving heart surgery once in Israel. Between December 2020 and March 2021, the ICEJ sponsored flights for over 500 of the 2,000 Ethiopian Jewish immigrants who arrived in the “Operation Rock of Israel” airlift.

In total, the ICEJ provided Aliyah and Integration assistance to nearly 4,000 new Jewish immigrants to Israel from over 20 countries worldwide last year, including sponsored flights for more than 1,500 new arrivals.

Meanwhile, our Homecare program marked 25 years of faithfully continuing to serve the elderly Russian immigrants with regular visits, giving gift packages and providing nursing care for those with physical disabilities.

Holocaust survivors

As Israel marked ‘Yom HaShoah,’ its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day in April, several leading Israeli media reported on the ICEJ’s special Home for Holocaust Survivors in Haifa. The news outlets highlighted the daily work of our team of Christian nurses and volunteers at the Haifa Home, while one of the main Israeli TV channels aired a two-hour telethon to raise funds for the Home.

Then in July, the ICEJ was thrilled to join with charitable partners to open Israel’s first National Call Center to serve the urgent needs of Holocaust survivors nationwide. The center is located near our Home for Holocaust Survivors in Haifa.

Thank you for your prayers and for sowing your seed in good soil! These are only a few highlights from our many AID projects which have flourished because of your support.

In 2022, the Christian Embassy will remain being your hands in extending Christian love and comfort to the people of Israel. May you be blessed as you continue to partner with us in reaching the most vulnerable in Israeli society.

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