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‘A Call of Hope’ rings true for Bracha

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23 Apr 2021
‘A Call of Hope’ rings true for Bracha

It can be so deflating when one unexpectedly loses one’s job. Unfortunately, this has happened to tens of thousands of Israelis due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, one million Israelis are looking for work at present. Over 600,000 were placed on unpaid leave and are realising they will not be able to go back to their previous jobs. Not knowing where to turn next, many are seeking out job counsellors.

In our March/April magazine, we published the story “A Call of Hope” about an Israeli call center the ICEJ is supporting which aims to ease the unemployment crisis caused by the Corona pandemic and help jobless Israelis in need of support. Each person who courageously calls the helpline receives personalized support as well as practical tools and guidance from trained volunteers. For example, callers receive assistance to write a resume, prepare for job interviews, define vocational goals, and set tangible employment goals. They also receive information on their rights and how to cope with loss of income and are referred to additional resources and services.

We can now share the beautiful success story of Bracha, a single mother from southern Israel. She recently found herself unemployed after 11 years of steady work for the same company. She applied for various jobs but nothing opened up. Soon, she found herself growing frustrated and feeling worthless.

One day, she came across a Facebook ad for the call center and sent them a message, although she did not expect a response. However, the next day she received a call from Etty, one of their trained volunteers.

“I never imagined this would be the tool that would get me back into the job market! Etty listened to me, supported me, and gave me the confidence with which I eventually found a job at a local community center. Even after I started working, she kept calling me once a week, at a set time, to see how I was doing. I felt comfortable enough with her to share that I was not happy at this job. She didn’t judge me, but also didn’t sugar-coat the situation. She reminded me that things were tough for everyone, but that they would get better. With her support I kept working there while also applying for other jobs, and after some time got hired as a Finance Coordinator for an organisation that offers legal services. I am extremely happy in this position and believe that without Etty and the Call Center, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, the call center received 100 calls per month. However, this figure jumped to nearly 1,000 callers per month due to the health crisis. Emergency tech upgrades were needed to handle the increased volume of calls.

Thanks to our generous donors, the ICEJ was able to help expand the Call Center’s personnel and infrastructure so they could continue offering hope to people like Bracha.   


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