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A New Season for ICEJ Publications

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14 Jan 2019
A New Season for ICEJ Publications

The fall of 2018 signaled a new beginning for ICEJ’s Publications Department as Dan Herron, Director since July 2017, stepped down to pursue academic studies in Jerusalem. During his time at ICEJ, Dan very much enjoyed the international character of the ICEJ Jerusalem staff and took full advantage of the opportunity, often communicating in three to four different languages on a daily basis. According the Dan, “It was a particular privilege for me to serve as Publications Director during the two anniversary milestones for Israel: Jerusalem’s jubilee and Israel’s 70th anniversary.” These were also milestones for the ICEJ’s service to the Jewish nation and its people, a service in which Dan was both pleased and proud to take part.

Dan intends to pursue academic studies in Jerusalem, currently taking courses in counter-terrorism and Turkish foreign policy at Hebrew University. Alongside his university studies, Dan remains committed to promoting Aliyah and will also be working with youth at risk, as well as lone soldiers serving in the IDF.

As ICEJ said goodbye to Dan and wished him well in his pursuits, Julaine Stark transitioned from her post as Assistant to ICEJ’s Vice President of Operations and stepped in to lead the team. Since her arrival at ICEJ head office in 2015, Julaine has served as Word from Jerusalem’s Copy Editor. This experience, combined with her background in publishing, writing and editing, marketing and design, has made her well-equipped to assume leadership of our Publications team.

Julaine is a creative, optimistic woman of faith with a sense of adventure and a deep love for the people of Israel. “It has been a privilege to see first-hand the prophetic restoration of Israel and extend a hand of comfort and friendship to her people. To now speak to the world on their behalf (through ICEJ’s communications) is an honor and gift from the Lord, and I am profoundly grateful for this opportunity.”

As Julaine embraces her new position as the Publications Director, she is eager to add her personal touch to the magazine. Keep your eyes open for new features of the Word from Jerusalem in upcoming issues!


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