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Shelter on the Sheep Farm

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14 Jan 2019
Shelter on the Sheep Farm

“We are blessed with this shelter. We are using it…unfortunately. We really, really thank you for this.” These were the words of a sheep farmer in the southern Negev. When ICEJ staff from Jerusalem headquarters visited this sheep farm near the border of Gaza to see a recently-installed bomb shelter donated by the ICEJ, the owner told us they had already used it. Several weeks after installation and only days before we arrived, the warning sirens went off and the owner and her family ran to the shelter as they heard rockets exploding in surrounding areas.

As we were hosted for a tour and delicious dairy luncheon prepared by these humble and strong Israelis, we could feel the sincere gratitude they expressed towards Christians around the world who helped them in their time of need. As small business owners, they couldn’t afford a shelter that was required for any business in the area. Thus, they are even more grateful: Without the support of the ICEJ and provision of this bomb shelter, their restaurant would have been shut down. Thanks to Christians like you, this community will keep their restaurant and provide protection for their guests and family.


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