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Envision & Arise

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22 Mar 2019

The ICEJ hosted its annual Envision Conference in January, with over 150 pastors and ministry leaders from 25 different nations gathering in Jerusalem for a special time of fellowship, touring the Land, and learning more about God’s heart for Israel. One of those leaders was Vee from Malaysia, and here is his testimony about his first time here in Israel with the ICEJ Envision Conference.

 “This is my first time to Israel, and it has been an eye-opening experience”, said Pastor Vee, originally from Malaysia but now based in Canada. “I wasn’t even planning on coming to Israel, but everything fell into place for me to be able to attend the Envision conference. Just in this week here, God has shown me more of His love for Israel and that the missing piece in our churches is the revelation of Israel.”

Vee overseers seven different churches spread throughout the world in Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. “I am inspired to get serious about learning more about Israel, so that I can share it with the churches I am overseeing”, he said.

“In this conference, I have felt a stronger brotherhood in Christ. I have seen the unity of the Arab Christians and the Messianic Jews working together and I am very encouraged.”

“Pray for the church in Malaysia to be more outspoken about the truth of God and to stand up for Israel.”


ICEJ Arise Youth Summer Tour

Felicia from Canada shares about her experience on the ICEJ Arise Tour in Israel:

“The Arise tour greatly impacted my life. When I went on the tour, my faith was dormant for a number of years. In Israel, the connections I made, the people I met, and the places we visited slowly reignited my faith. It has been a four-year transformative journey since then. I can wholeheartedly say God has changed the posture of my heart completely since Israel.”

“Before the tour, I only heard negative headlines about Israel in the news. But when you’re there, you truly feel safe and protected. I see Israel as an extraordinary place. It opened my eyes to the biblical truths of the Holy Land, the recent history of Israel, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

“If you feel that subtle heart tug calling you to Israel, don’t ignore it. That’s the voice from heaven telling you it’s your time to go home. I was hesitant at first, but God led the way. I think every believer should experience Israel at some point. I can tell you it was truly life changing.”

Many more young lives, just like Felicia, have been greatly impacted in their relationship with God through the ICEJ Arise tour. We encourage you to sign up today or encourage other young people to sign up for this unforgettable trip to Israel this summer, July 11-21, 2019!

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