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‘Tis the Season for Christmas Holiday Gifts

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14 Dec 2021
‘Tis the Season for Christmas Holiday Gifts

During the Christmas season this December, the ICEJ is taking part in holiday distributions to local Arab Christian families throughout the Holy Land. Recently, a group of Embassy staff visited Nazareth where they worked with a local church to pack some 450 beautiful gift bags for delivery on Christmas Eve to children from underprivileged Israeli families in Nazareth and Haifa. In all this holiday season, the ICEJ is funding gift packages for 1,000 children, plus food baskets for 100 Arab Christian families and gift cards for 88 more families in need, from the Galilee down to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. You can join us in showing love to more deserving Israeli families by donating to our “Giving a Future and Hope” campaign.


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