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Unity in Asia & Around the World

Day 4 of the Feast of Tabernacles 2018

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27 Sep 2018
Unity in Asia & Around the World

Halfway through FOT 2018, pilgrims have tasted the excitement and richness of the Feast but are still hungry for more intimacy with the Lord, more learning, and deeper understanding of Israel. The activities at the Feast arena amply supplied this. From the prayer time in the morning with passionate worship led by Sarah Liberman over impacting plenaries going deep into the Bible and making the scriptures jump out to informative seminars on Israel’s tech-sector and Israel’s challenges in lawfare. Continuing on to a blast of an evening where riveting Messianic Israeli music and the continent of Asia and the global church were in focus, making for a rich day.

Israel-Focused Insights
After morning worship and prayer, Peter Tsukahira delivered a superbly inspiring message, in which he achieved to make scriptures acutely relevant through speaking about the tribal nature of human conflict and God as the only unifying peacemaker. He used Elijah’s battle on Mount Carmel to illustrate the battle that modern-day believers find themselves asking, “Will you be among the ones who will restore the altar of the Lord in the midst of your people?” He ended by declaring about Jerusalem, “Here are your roots. Here is where your King laid down his life for you. Here is where He rose from the dead, and here, according to the scriptures, is where He is going to return.”

ICEJ’s own International Spokesperson, David Parsons, picked up the theological thread in his teaching on the suffering of the Jewish people, investigating the hopeful notion that the worst is past for Israel, i.e., that because of historical calamities that have already transpired, Israel “has received from the Lord’s double for all her sins.” (Is. 40:2) This judgment will now pass to the nations. 

Plugging into Israel’s Prospects and Challenges – Afternoon Seminar
Yet again, the ICEJ’s leadership assembled a concentration of accomplished speakers to give Feast pilgrims a real hand on what is moving in Israel. A new invest platform, “OurCrowd” was introduced. Recognizing that there is great interest investing in Israel but a reluctance to do the “deal picking,” OurCrowd vets more than 200 startups monthly before it recommends two to three to its global network of investors, which includes everything from private individuals to corporate giants like Google.
Although the OurCrowd investment initiative’s success is an effective counter to BDS, Dr. Kontorovitch and Calev Myers in their seminar highlighted the nature of the newest form of affront against Israel, Lawfare, as the attack of Israel and its policies through legal means. Lawfare has been one of the favorite tactics of the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) movement in their efforts to delegitimize Israel, and while the key players have changed from the Arab League to many European leaders and NGOs today, their goals have not. BDS is working to label every product created in the West Bank with what is for all intents and purposes “a yellow star” on Israeli products in the global market.

Furthermore, Mr. Myers drove home the point that looking at Israel’s actions under a microscope would distort the image. This is especially true when looking at the population exchange that took place in 1948. Finally, he shed light on the truth of the situation, which is that Israel provides for over 1 million Palestinians in the West Bank, and without the state, those people would be left without livelihood. Israel is in fact the standard of corporate social responsibility rather than the apartheid state that BDS would have people believe it is. 

Near to Far East - Evening Celebration
Hebrew sound waves by Shiloh Ben Hod and Jamie Hilsden’s Miqedem brought contemporary Israeli music solidly planted in scripture – providing a musical experience with a distinct Israeli flavor, praising God in the language of scripture. Insistent and powerful, Miqedem’s tunes unleashed the deep wellspring of joy and victory, and following was Sarah Liberman who delivered an equally crowd-rousing performance with quiet heartfelt testimonies and prayers in between songs, “He is the source, he is the vision, He is not only that, he is the God of miracles” inviting the crowd to join in the song. 

Peace in the Middle-East
The evening’s emcee, ICEJ’s VP for International Affairs, Mojmir Kallus opening remarks concerned the growing number of Christians coming to the Feast, “This is the glory of God. We are coming together from all nations. Not to fight but in peace and unity to worship the only true god – The God of Israel.” Calev Myers then took the stage speaking a constructive and uplifting message on Israel, musing, “What would happen if I could see a miracle, like what we read in the Bible (…) What would that do to my faith? But I am here to tell you this evening that we are living the dream. The reestablishment of Israel is a modern-day miracle. (…) In the mind of God, the miracle that you see today is greater than the Exodus from Egypt.” He concluded that in order to support Israel, “we shouldn’t be anti-Palestinian. In order to support Palestinians, we shouldn’t be anti-Israeli. We should look for solutions that benefit both sides of the conflict,” thus underscoring the potential of peaceful business cooperation. 

The Wisdom From the East - Nathaniel Chow
The ICEJ’s mission is connecting the Church with Israel. The Feast of Tabernacles brings the church to Israel. And speakers from different continents have addressed the Feast this year in their own languages. The evening’s Chinese-speaking pastor, Nathaniel Chow was preceded by a vocal ensemble from Taiwan, who stepped onto the stage with great joy and pride, singing “Zai Jhe li – The spirit of God is here.” They sang in Mandarin with grace and unmitigated joy, lending a unique Asian voice to the many international contributions at the Feast. Preaching the connection between receiving the glory from God and unity in the body of Christ and with God, Nathaniel Chow shared about his unique and ongoing journey to learn more about God’s glory, which was impacted significantly by his first visit to Jerusalem 17 years prior. He finished with a call for spiritual unity in Christ to transcend political differences between Chinese groups and between what he labelled “chopstick” and “fork” nations. This evening’s ended in a final Ruth salutation, “Your God is my God – your people is my people.”


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