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Standing against the tide

Introducing the Israel Defense Network

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An excerpt of a speech given by Susan Michael, ICEJ USA Director to the annual 'Israeli Night' at the Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem on Sep 28, 2010.

Combat the delegitimization of Israel. 
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A worldwide campaign to delegitimize the Jewish State is sounding in the halls of governments, global institutions, universities and in streets around the world. This mounting campaign against Israel is unprecedented and it is undermining her ability to deal with the other serious threats she faces. The goal of this campaign is not only to tie Israel’s hands, but actually to bring about the end of the Jewish state.

Israel Defense Network

 Learn how you can stand against the growing campaign of delegitimization against Israel that is gaining momentum throughout the world....

Myth of Israeli Apartheid

Understand the real agenda behind the attempt to smear Israel as an 'apartheid state' from Rev. Malcolm Hedding - a man who risked his life opposing the horrors of South African apartheid.
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Videos and Analysis on Jerusalem

Get informed on the issue of Jerusalem. Watch videos on the legitimate Jewish claim to the Old City of Jerusalem and read analysis on the issues of sovereignty and diplomacy that impact us all...
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