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Stop a Nuclear Iran

We, the undersigned Christians...

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On Sep 18, 2008, this petition was delivered to the United Nations in New York on behalf of over 55,000 Christians from more than 120 countries. Although this petition is now formally closed, you can still add your name in support of our ongoing efforts to stand with Israel by signing up for regular ICEJ email and advocacy alerts below. Thank you for your support!

To: The Honorable Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General of the United Nations

We, the undersigned Christians, wish to express our outrage and alarm at the repeated threats of genocide against the State of Israel emanating from the government of Iran. These constitute a clear violation of the UN Charter and the international convention for preventing and punishing the crime of genocide.

We also register our extreme disappointment at the resounding failure of the United Nations and its organs to take any serious measures to redress this hostile campaign of public incitement to genocide. This campaign not only endangers Israel, but also is a threat to the peace and security of the world community.

Iran's threats of annihilation against Israel and its renegade efforts to acquire the nuclear means to carry them out, pose a very serious and grave peril that the United Nations must confront forthwith.

We call upon the United Nations to act without delay to censure and penalize Iran to the fullest extent possible, lest the very body founded to shield nations against such heinous crimes shamefully stands by while another disastrous genocidal attempt against the Jewish people takes shape.  

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