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Word from Jerusalem 2011

Archive of our Flagship International Publication

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WFJ Jan 2011
January 2011 - Battling the Blaze

"The Carmel forest fires which broke out near Haifa in December were quickly labeled the worst natural disaster in Israel's modern history..."
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WFJ March 2010 90x100

March 2011 - Israel's Great Antagonist

"The recent political turmoil in Egypt reminds us that, but for brief moments in history, Egypt has alwasy been a great antagonist of the people of Israel..."
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WFJ April 2010 90x100
April 2011 - The Lesson of the Almond Tree

"The lesson of the almond tree is that the God of heaven watches a sinful nation walking away from Him and declares it will have consequences..."
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WFJ June 2011

June 2011 - ICEJ Expands Haifa Home

"On the eve of Israel's annual Holocaust Remembrance Day, the ICEJ opened phase 2 of the nation's largest assisted-living home for survivors of the Shoah..."
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WFJ July 2010

July 2011 - The Last Ethiopian Jews

"With concerns growing over their deteriorating conditions, the ICEJ is helping speed up the return of the last remaining Ethiopian Jews..."
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WFJ September 2011 Int'l edition
September 2011 - September Showdown

Israel and the Palestinian Authority prepare to face off over the issue of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations in New York...
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Word from Jerusalem International October 2011
October 2011 - Pivotal Moment for Israel

Turkey and Egypt sever strategic ties with Israel, leaving her increasingly isolated as the Palestinians seek statehood...
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WFJ Nov-Dec 2011 International Edition
November 2011 - Christians on a Mission

ICEJ Feast Pilgrims express solidarity with Israel as Gilad Schalit comes home...
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